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Welcome to your Digital  Business Card!


Your Tag is programmed with your unique username and ready to be used.

Share with anyone by letting others scan your Guten Tag or your QR code. Your QR code appears when you click on your profile picture! Others don't need an app to receive your info.

Compatible with IOS and Android phones

Use your Gutentag to share your social media contact, website, e-shop, music and more.

Need to add a link or change the design of your Guten tag profile, simply click on your tag counter located at the bottom of your profile and send us a message or contact us directly 

How to share your contact info

  • Scan your Guten tag. No apps are needed but the NFC reader needs to be enabled. A notification will appear, press to allow the website to load. Bookmark your profile or add it to your favourites.

  • Scan your QR code. Simply click on your profile picture and your unique QR code will appear.

  • Share your unique link (e.g. located at the bottom of your account. Press and hold, your phone will give you several sharing options.

  • Share your unique link on social media, hyperlink your e-signature, text, image, graphics or icon. 

Where should you place your tag?

Anywhere you want as long as it’s not blocking your NFC antenna and you don’t have a metal phone case that will interfere with your tag. On the back of your phone, the very bottom is usually a safe spot. You can also stick it on your laptop, a table, on your car's dashboard, attach it to your keychain. The possibilities are endless. When placing the sticky tag, make sure your surface is flat, clean, and dry. The tag comes with an adhesive side but we’ve included 2 extra double-sided acrylic tapes for extra adhesion if need be.

Place your Tag on a clean surface

If you will be placing your tag on the back of your phone, identify the location of your NFC antenna. If you place your tag too close to your antenna, the tag will activate your antenna which will result in unwanted notifications.

Before sticking your tag to a surface, clean the surface with a damp microfiber cloth or some diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt or greasy residue.

How to identify the location of your NFC antenna?

1. Make sure your NFC is enabled. See your phone’s settings. An NFC reader is a standard built-in feature in most new phones and in most cases is turned off.

2. With the backside of your phone, slowly hover over your Guten Tag. On most phones, the antenna is located near the camera lens or the center of the phone’s body. It takes about the same time for your phone to detect and read the tag’s information as when scanning a QR code except that your camera does not have to be turned on and you do not need an app.

What if you have a phone case?

  • You can place your tag on top of your phone case as long as the surface is smooth (i.e. avoid placing your tag on cases that have raised ridges as the performance of the adhesive may be affected.

  • You can also place your tag between the device and your case, as long as the case is made out of plastic and/or rubber. Some more robust phone cases have a metal layer that can affect the readability of your tag. Test your tag before you stick it on permanently. 

We hope you’ll enjoy your Guten.Tag.Me!

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